Solar Car Battery Charger

A solar car battery charger is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and a clean means of energy, with little multitouch screen maintenance required to operate.

A 1.8 – 4.5 watt solar battery charger plugs into a vehicles 12-v lighter socket and helps slow natural voltage drain of a vehicles battery. In addition, it works with most automobiles, boats, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), and personal watercraft (PWC) batteries. A solar panel needs to be positioned in the most appropriate position for picking up as much daylight as possible.

A solar powered car battery charger is able to keep a vehicles battery at full charge and ready to be used at all times. If a car, watercraft or recreational vehicle is left unattended for an extended period, the battery is likely to slowly discharge until a point comes when the engine isnt able to start. To avoid this, plug a charger in a lighter socket and rest a solar panel in a favorable position, often on the dashboard in direct sunlight. Those solar cells will now maintain a charge in the battery even on overcast, cloudy days.

Some of these chargers are able to transfer sufficient energy to maintain an existing batteries charge, but should not be seen as a charger to recharge a depleted automobile, recreational vehicle, or boats battery

A solar charger is constructed in a heavy-duty ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells to connect direct to a battery via alligator clips or cigarette light socket adapter for a flexible installation option.

For ease in mounting in a vehicle a solar panel can feature suction cups. More often than not, these automotive solar chargers are designed for inside use, so need to be protected from wet conditions. Although some are built to be UV, scratch and waterproof resistant.

Solar chargers can be connected to a vehicles battery at all times, without have an adverse affect on electrical components or its normal operation. Even so, in times of non-use a maintainer ought to be placed in a secure are to avoid damage as a vehicles in motion.

A device of this nature is Malaysia AV Discovery design to generate electricity in all light conditions, including shade or cloudy environment. A safe operating temperate range is noted at -40° 176° Fahrenheit. Compact solar cells can measure 6½W x 1¼H x 18 D

Staving off natural voltage drain, to maintaining charge in a vehicles battery while powering small electrical items, such as a cell phone are some of the uses for a solar battery maintainer to be installed.